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Heart of the Earth Animal Equipment was started in 1996.   We moved to the country and I wanted to work from home.   We started a business selling only South Dakota made products, Tru-Catch traps was one of those products.   Over the years I added more companies and became so busy with the animal equipment end, this is now where I dedicate all my time and effort.

We believe in old fashioned friendly customer service, where you speak to a live person at the other end.   You don't have to worry about talking to a computer generated voice and be pushing buttons for another department.   You might get the answering machine once in a great while as I run the business most of time by myself and I do like to take a little time off for life.   My hubby is the webmaster, he is my most valuable business asset and helps on the phone when he has the time, he also runs his own general carpentry business.   He does the bookkeeping and gives me encouragement when it's needed.

We live in the foothills of the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.   Everyone should take time and visit the Black Hills.   We are also very near the center of the nation.   We have abundant wildlife, beautiful scenery, Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower, Crazy Horse Monument, etc.   We feel very blessed to live in such a gorgeous area.

We wanted our customers to be able associate a face with the person on the other end of the phone, especially for all our special customers who have been so loyal throughout the years.   We have become friends by way of phone.

Our warmest wishes,

Heart of the Earth Animal Equipment
Marshal Sudrala
205 High Street
Fruitdale, SD 57717

URL: www.animal-traps.com
e-mail: traps@animal-traps.com
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