Tomahawk Collapsible with rear door 48"x20"x26"
Product ID : TH210A
Tomahawk Collapsible with rear door 60"x20"x26"
Product ID : TH210B
Collapsible trap with two trap doors- 42"x15"x15"
Product ID : TH208
Tomahawk Collapsible with rear door 72"x20"x26"
Product ID : TH210C
SafeGuard Stnd. front door 42"x15"x18"
Product ID : SG52000
Safeguard Stnd. w/rear door 42"x15"x18"
Product ID : SG52842
SafeGuard Stnd. front door 48"x15"x22"
Product ID : SG50590
Safeguard Stnd. w/rear door 48"x15"x22"
Product ID : SG52848
Safeguard Stnd. w/rear door 60"x20"x28"
Product ID : SG52860
Tomahawk single door 42"x15"x20"
Product ID : TH109.5
Tomahawk Single door collapsible 36"x12"x12"
Product ID : TH207.5
Safeguard Stnd. w/ rear door 72"x20"x28"
Product ID : SG52872
Tomahawk single door 48"x20"x26"
Product ID : TH110A
Tomahawk Single door collapsible 42"x15"x20"
Product ID : TH209.5
Pied Piper trap w/live box 48"x20"x20"
Product ID : PP401
Tomahawk single door 60"x20"x26"
Product ID : TH110B
Tru-Catch 42D Homesteader Deluxe 42"x17"x24"
Product ID : 42D
Pied Piper trap 48"x20"x20"
Product ID : PP402