Dura-Flex Standard Net 4 foot handle

Dura-Flex Standard Net 4 foot handle
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Dura-Flex Animal Nets are designed specifically to capture animals.
Solid nylon hoops. Provides strength and flexibility. These nets can be pressed firmly against the ground or wall to entrap animals even with the net shaft is at an angle. This allows handlers to stand upright while netting and restraining animals.
• Long neoprene grips. Allows handlers to securely grab net shafts without slips, even when wet.
• Woven ¼" nylon mesh netting. Does not propagate tears, unravel, or weaken from adjacent tears. Net seams are surged with polyester thread, and small mesh size prevents animal entanglements.
• Two layered 1/8" woven nylon hem. Most wear and tear suffered by animal nets is to the hem that attaches the net to the hoop. This design will easily handle abrasive surfaces like concrete.
• Tie-off cords. Allows handlers to secure animals in the bottom of the net.
• 1/4" nylon mesh net, 1/2" nylon hoop
• 72" hoop circumference
• 38"x28" hoop, 48” deep net.
• 4’long 1" aluminum shaft
• Weight 5 lbs.
Some assembly required.

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