Restraint Modules are specifically designed for the easy handling of animals during injections, examinations, or anytime absolute control of the animal is a must. They have gentle, easy to use, locking (Tomahawk brand) or non-locking (Tru-Catch brand) squeeze panels.
End doors match up to same brand of end door release traps and carriers.
Volume Discounts Available!
Restraint Carrier 18"x9"x11"
Product ID : RC18
Restraint/Carrier-24"x 12"x 14"
Product ID : RC24
Tomahawk Restraint Module 24"x9"x11"
Product ID : THRM24
Tomahawk Restraint Module 30"x12"x14"
Product ID : THRM30
Tomahawk Restraint Module 42"x17"x24"
Product ID : THRM42
Tomahawk Squeeze Cage-Cat/Rabbit
Product ID : TH305SQ
Tomahawk Squeeze Cage-Raccoon
Product ID : TH306SQ