Return/Privacy Policy

Heart of the Earth Animal Equipment | Privacy and Security
• Whether purchasing by phone or online, we will never give or sell your personal purchasing information.
• Phone numbers are needed only for use of contacting you and for the carrier of your order.
• The Heart of the Earth Animal Equipment’s online store is SSL encrypted for your security and peace of mind when making a purchase.

A 20% restocking charge on returned items not defective.
No returns on used items, unless defective. No returns after 30 days. Open and inspect all items upon receipt. Call or email us immediately if items are damaged. All original packing and boxes must be kept with items to arrange refunds or replacements. We must be notified within 14 days. Returned items will be inspected for any damage or use by customer, refunds will not be issued if item has been used. Below we give questions and answers for returning a trap, same procedure is used for all other animal equipment.

Shipping Damage:
If you receive an item that appears to have been damaged during shipment, it is very important to save the packaging and send us pictures of the packaging and damaged item(s). Courier may require a visual inspection of the damaged packaging and item(s) before allowing a claim to be filed.

Trap Disclaimer:
If you have a problem with unwanted, uninvited animals on your property, we seek to give you the most accurate advice and techniques we can. The choice of equipment you make is very important, we feel only the most humane method of trapping should be used. Always contact your local authorities to find out any special laws, rules of trapping as they differ from community to community. We always welcome feedback on the equipment and give this feedback to the manufacturers so they can make proper modifications when appropriate. We also love to get your testimonials and pictures when available. In all the years we have been in business, 99.9% of the stories have been very positive. Have patience, we will help you with different baiting and trapping techniques if you get discouraged. Not every animal is going to go into a trap and we cannot 100% guarantee that you will have a catch every time. Educate yourself with the different traps and trapping methods online and on our web site.

Return Policy FAQ

Please note that to provide the best customer service possible, we do not have a waiting /cancellation period.   All orders are shipped the same day if received early enough or the next day.   The only reasons orders would be delayed is Holidays, Item(s) not in stock or shipping is closed for repairs or adding new equipment.

Before the return of any animal equipment, we must be contacted in advance, no exceptions. An RMA number will be issued in some cases and an address will be provided to ship the equipment back to. Items that have been received over 30 days are not be returnable.

Q - I received my sales receipt but my equipment has not arrived in the time period given when I track it.   What do I do?
A - Call immediately!   We need to start a trace on the package to see if it is lost.   If you contact us more than 10 days after it should have been delivered, claims are denied.   You would then be responsible for the equipment and shipping, so it is very important to track or call for status of order.   We will help you track it.

Q - I just received the items I ordered but I changed my mind.   Can I return it?
A - Sure.   There is a 20% restocking fee and you are responsible for the shipping of it back.   We will refund the purchase price minus 20% once the item(s) are received back.   Original shipping charge will not be refunded. All returns are subject to inspection before refund is given. You must contact us before item is returned as you will need an RMA number and address to return to.

Q - I received my equipment 3 weeks ago but just opened the box and it was damaged during shipping.   What should I do?
A - It is very important to open your trap box immediately upon arrival to inspect for shipping damage.   We have only 7 days from the day of delivery to file a claim with UPS or Fedex, no exceptions as we have no control over UPS and Fedex.

Q - I received my items over a month ago and want to return it.   Can I?
A - Sorry, there are no returns on traps over 30 days unless it is for warranty work. Tru-Catch traps have a 5 year warranty against animal damage. The customer must ship the trap back to Tru-Catch, the trap will be repaired for free and customer pays for shipping back them. If you need warranty work on a Tru-Catch trap, please contact us first, this is very important.

Q - My box arrived damaged, it looks like it was crushed during shipping.   What should I do?
A - Open box to see if items damaged, if so, contact us immediately, we will arrange for a pick-up with the shipping company.   Please keep the item(s) in the original box.   When it has been picked up, we will send another one out to you right away. There is no charge to you.

Q - I ordered the wrong size, what should I do?
A - You can return the equipment, you are responsible for the shipping back to us and a 20% restocking fee applies.  ****Please contact us if you think a trap or other equipment is wrong size. We can help you with techniques to catch the light weight animals in the larger size traps. PLEASE NOTE: For some of our equipment, if there is an exchange made, the vendors forego the restocking charge. We will send you an address to ship back to and an RMA number for the outside of the box. For the right size, a new purchase order is put in and is treated like a new order. When the wrong size arrives back to the warehouse, a refund is then made for the original equipment minus the original shipping then original ordered is deleted from our system. You are also sent a new sales receipt or invoice.

Q - My equipment doesn't seem to be working properly, what should I do?
A - Call us, perhaps it's something we can help you with.   We can give you directions for setting traps properly, directions also come inside the box and may be on our web site.

Q - I have tried everything, it still doesn't work right, now what?
A - It might be defective.   Call us and let us know you want it returned.   We will issue a call tag and the shipper will arrange to pick up the trap at the original delivery address.   The manufacturer will check it thoroughly and if it is found to be defective, a replacement will be shipped to you at no charge.   Please keep the original box for return shipping and enclose a note about the problem. We do not accept COD returns.

Q - I ordered a trap a week ago and you said it was shipped.   But it's still not here.   Where is it?
A - Ground service can take 7 - 10 days from shipping date.   You probably received a tracking number with your sales receipt. You can track by phone or on-line.   Or you may call and we will track the package for you.   If an order is lost during shipping, we will re-send at no cost to you.

Q - The trap seems to be working properly but I can't catch the animals.   What should I do?
A - Contact us, we will help you with baiting techniques for different animals. We also have articles on our web site giving tips on catching animals. We prefer emails as we can explain more and you can print out.

International Orders
For International orders we charge only for the items ordered and the actual shipping/handling. Any customs/duties/taxes, etc. that are charged by the country are the responsibility of the customer. We have no idea what the different charges are for other countries. You can contact your customs office to find out what these charges are going to be. For overseas mail service, we are not responsible for lost/stolen items or the shipping charges. The only way we can guarantee delivery is to have goods shipped by UPS or Fedex so there is a tracking number and insurance so a claim can be filed.