Distinject Automatic Pole Injector 45"

Distinject Automatic Pole Injector 45"
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Price: $350.00
Product ID : ADIS-PS



A simple-to-operate, gas-charged pole that injects instantly but gently. As soon as the needle enters the animal, the injection begins and is completed in about one half second. Overall length is 45" (comes with one extension section but extra 33" extensions can be ordered to make an even longer pole). The syringe automatically discharges because of a steady butane gas charge in the pole (included). Will not go off prematurely. This is one of the nicest pole syringes we've seen. Suitable on a very wide range of species, including small and delicate animals. Syringes, needle, gas charge (approx. 100 injections), pole assembly, and instructions included. Holds up to 5 ml. Pole is 3/4" dia. - top section 1/2" dia.
Pole comes with 5 needles 14 Ga. 1-1/2" and 5 needles 16 Ga. ¾"
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