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I am a cat-lover from China. I am feeding the homeless cats around my house. I know the importance of TNR ,so I borrowed a trap( 30 LD ) from one of my friends and found it was really different from other traps I have ever used. It has no spring to control the trap door which may cause danger to kittens or the tails of some cats , instead, it only has triggers!! So good and so silent. Those cats were still eating the bait without knowing the door has already be shut!!!!
I bought one by myself now, as soon as I got it , I successfully trapped one female cats which may expect its babies!!!
I used this kind of trap helped at least 7 homeless cats which are very afraid of people. I fixed them and relase them. WIth this trap I catch this kind of cats 100% in several minutes!!!
It makes TNR much easier then ever before!!!!

Our organization has been using these traps for years and years. They work great, get the job done and last forever. We have trapped over 6,000 cats in these traps. We have tried all the other traps but that extra door makes life so much easier.
The workmanship is great. The only thing I can add is don’t leave them out in the elements as the brown can come off and make them not work as well. If you keep them under cover, they will look and work like new forever.
No competition here. The best all the way around.

I love the traps! This will be my 2nd order.
It is sooo much better than the 'have a heart' trap the shelter loaned me, and now that I have been involved with TNR I just feel I have to have a 2nd trap like this rather than deal with the inferior traps.
I also appreciate the use of the trap divider which I purchased last time. It really keeps the 'after care' portion of the TNR process safe so that you do not have to risk coming into contact with a truly feral cat who may try to escape or bite.

I just wanted to let you know that these traps worked wonderfully.
Unfortunately, I had to trap a family of feral cats and kittens, but I was able to do so quickly and most importantly, safely. The covers worked great and the trap divider allowed me to provide fresh blankets, food, and water during the interim. The "rollover" to open feature of the trap came in handy when an opossum came into the picture and needed to be released!
Thanks again for providing a great product with great service!

I'm working with a local animal rescue to trap 3 cats in my yard & get them TNRed.  One seems to be an abandoned pet and we have a place ready for him at a no-kill shelter when we get him so I'm eager to get the trap.  I've tried other traps but the Tru Catch traps seem to be the only ones that really work.
Valerie Sylvester

I received the trap and it was a piece of cake to use.  I wanted to tell you that I successfully trapped the two strays I was trying to catch.  Both were to the vet already for blood work and an exam and I'm working getting both neutered in the next few weeks.  One of the kitties is only about a year old and very sick with an upper respiratory infection.  He is on antibiotics and starting to feel better.  The temps have dropped dramatically in Michigan and I got these guys in just in time.  I was hoping to adopt them out but I'm already getting very attached to them - they'll probably live here forever - lol!!   They both are complete sweethearts.  It didn't seem like they knew what affection was but within 24 hours, they are hip to it and loving every second.
I used the trap the first night for a few hours and didn't catch anything.  I think the strays were a little scared of it.  I had bought a dog house a week earlier and the first night that was out, I didn't see the kitties at all.  Seemed like they stayed away since they were not used to it.  The second night, I got one cat within an hour of me being home and setting the trap up.  The other kitty was captured about 3 hours later.  They didn't really react to the trap since it is so quiet.  I received compliments from several vets and vet techs at the office on how nice it was designed and made.  They thought I paid hundreds of dollars for the trap and when I let them know how much the trap itself cost, they were amazed.  I am going to definately provide them information on your website and the traps that were recommended by Alley Cat Allies.
I wanted to send you a very, very BIG THANK YOU for designing such a wonderful product.  It would have taken months for the cats to warm up to me - they were very scared and sick.  I know by trapping them, I was saving their lives and giving them a second chance for a great life.  Thank you for being so helpful to me with the shipping and allowing me to give two kitties a new life safe from the elements and cruel people.
Angela Haddox

Good morning, and thank you for furnishing a "First Rate / High Quality Product". Actually, I was not expecting to receive such a first class product as this. Your 30D cat trap is working fine; very easy to use. Cat number three is getting enough nerve now to go inside.
Again, many thanks :-)
Ron Lewis

I found a dog who had been abandoned and was obviously starving, the dog was so loyal she was paced back and forth everyday looking for her owner to return. I fed the dog for 7 weeks but all my attempts to capture the dog were unsuccessful. I contacted local animal shelters for help but was told there was nothing they could do to help rescue the dog. I decided to trap the dog myself and contacted Heart of the Earth Animal Equipment, Wanda was amazing, she had all the answers I needed and within days the trap arrived, model 48HD. I set the trap and within 45 minutes I had trapped the dog. The trap is extremely effective and is so quiet the dog continued to eat after it had been trapped and only became aware it had been trapped after it had finished eating. I call the dog Angel, she has a new home with a very loving young couple and is loving her new family.
Thank you Wanda and Heart of the Earth Animal Equipment.
Cynthia Johnson

I have some great news for you. Currently I have removed 67 skunks off of 10 acres using the Tru-Catch R24 Resister enclosed traps. I had two and loved them. This year I bought 2 more. I am now at 13 skunks in three nights of trapping using 4 traps. I may have to invest in a few more.
After rolling the trap over on its top to release them, only two skunks had to have a little shaking to encourage them to walk out. It could have been that there was five new inches of snow and they preferred the traps. Thanks again and let everyone know they work great. I have also caught raccoons and rock squirrels in the same trap.
Espanola, NM

Just to tell you that I love the Tru-Catch 30D Wildcat Deluxe trap I purchased from you. After a couple of weeks of putting the food farther and farther inside (with the door tied up) I was finally able to trap an elusive feral cat on Saturday. I did catch two of our neighborhood domestic cats TWICE each before nabbing her. I really like that there is a front door to just lift up to let the animals out, too (our neighbor cats sure appreciated that part).
Thank you.
Barbara Townsend

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how wonderful the Tru-Catch 48F trap is. I had ordered a trap from another company before I saw your company and the trap came in terrible condition from delivery. The bars were bent, which made it harder to put up, but also harder because it doesn't always stay open. We needed it then and there, so I couldn't return it.
I received your trap, thinking it would be in the same condition, and was very pleased that it wasn't. It's a lot stronger. We used your trap one night, and caught the dog the next morning.
Thank you again for having such a great trap
Pits And Rotts For Life Rescue, Inc
Randallstown, MD

I wanted you to know that your trap is absolutely superb. Model# 36 has been in use to rid our place of stray Cats that loved to lay on the hood of our car. Total Cats caught in about 8 weeks = 9. Then we realized that there were Raccoons around and, using the same bait (cat food) we caught 5 in a period of 4 weeks.
Finally, my good friend borrowed the Trap and after baiting and some sugar frosted flakes leading to the trap, he not only caught two big ones in 3 days but finally caught three small ones in the same night.
Our animal control people of Prince William County, Virginia stated that this trap was superb and, of course, I agreed.
Thank you for designing a superb product, sturdy, easy to use and very, very effective.
Trapped raccoons Trapped raccoon
Most cordially,
Triangle, VA

We Love You -
I volunteer for a no-kill cat and dog rescue in Albuquerque called New Mexico Animal Friends. I'm very active in TNR, and I've tried out several different types of humane traps. The Tru-Catch is the best on the market, hands down, and our group owns a bunch of them. I often operate two kinds of traps at once - box traps, and my own drop trap.
It's very handy to have interchangeable traps, which function both as "set" traps, and as transfer cages for the cats that I catch in my drop trap. I can simply pull one of my Tru-Catches off duty to contain an additional drop-trapped cat if I run out of empty traps. Love 'em, and your prices are the best I've seen anywhere.
I recently had some of your Model 36 traps set up for pre-baiting at a feral colony near my home. My friend accidentally mashed one against a brick wall with his van. We thought it was a total loss, but he managed to hammer the dents out. Doesn't look nice and new, but it works perfectly! No other trap I've ever used could possibly take that kind of abuse and still function.
Kiff LaBar-Shelton

I want to tell you how happy I am with the trap set I purchased. I was able to catch my feral cat and had her spayed this last week. I was able to care for her easier with the features of the trap and am just really impressed with it. I am able to handle the trap myself and it is safe for the cats when they are in it as compared to the old wire, snappy traps I call them.

Hello Wanda the Tru-Catch 24 Tuffy trap arrived yesterday and I had it set in current trapping location with my others within an hour. I love this trap it is like others I have had I call "little brown traps" I keep 4 at all times-was down to two! Have to replace occasionlly-theft or borrow not return) my big traps are harder to steal.
There are some improvements in this one. The area behind the trigger plate is just a tad wider-better area for cat food, the slide rings are bigger(easier to handle) and the set trap lever is sturdier-the old traps were very easy to trip if a cat walked by and pushed up slightly before "going in".
I have had great success with this size /kind of traps for all size cats. Small size less foreboding to cats, easy to load and unload vet trip, Easy to get multiples in same vehical. I instruct everone who borrows a "brown trap", or who helps me trap, to set them up with something heavy on each side-a cat in same area can climb onto this small trap and turn over twice and the trapped kitty can get out. Something heavy each side prevents that but still keeps the turn over twice feature in case the trapped critter is an accidental skunk/possum. I reccommend you advertise them as for any size cat. My vet sends good folks to me to borrow traps as he likes these also as they are easy to handle in the clinic (slightly wils have to have ist anesthetic shot IN THE TRAP.
Only occasionally (5-6 in 350+ cats last 12 years) have I had to use a big trap on a cat refusing to go in a little brown.
Mary Ann LaRue

Working in animal rescue, I need a humane live trap for trapping stray and feral cats in order to spay/neuter, vaccinate, and find them good homes. In the case of a confirmed feral who cannot abide the indoors, the trap is used for TNR, trap-neuter-release, where after vetting the cat is returned to his/her territory, fed, and provided shelter.

The Tru-Catch traps are an answer to a prayer. I never liked the old-fashioned spring traps; I felt the they were too frightening to an animal when they were sprung; that there was potential for injury; and that the spring apparatus took up too much of the room in the trap. Tru-Catch traps are elegantly designed, are the most humane, gentle, versatile, and reliable I've found, and now I won't use any other. I like the front and back openings, which are very easy to close securely and to open, making it easy to bait and also to release the visiting raccoon or possum who might wander in. I appreciate that the tension can be adjusted for the weight of cats or kittens, and to account for wind, different baiting techniques, etc. And I like that the wire is coated. Also, the traps are sturdy, light-weight, roomy for the cat, easy to use, and reasonably priced. But most of all, I love how gentle the trap is. I was present when we trapped Gillian, a trap-wary cat who required that we move the food deeper and deeper into the trap over many nights before she would enter far enough to be trapped. We could not have used this technique with an old-fashioned trap! As cautious as Gillian was, when the trap door closed on her, it was such as gentle, quiet drop that Gillian, after a moment, only glanced back at the door, then peacefully resumed her meal. No fear, no panic. Thanks to your trap, Gillian today is a cosy lap-cat, the contented queen of her castle in a warm loving home. Of course, unlike Gillian, other critters readily enter simply in response to the invitation of food! On more than one occasion, two kittens have entered together and been safely trapped together at the same time. (Much more comforting for kittens and rescuer alike that they be together!)

Every animal rescuer who's seen my Tru-Catch trap has wanted one, enthusiastic about how humane it is, and loving its other wonderful qualities. Thank you for selling a well-designed product that gives such peace of mind. I mean every word.

Humane Society of Tampa Bay
onpatio.jpg room full.JPG Vets FCD.jpg Feral cat day.jpg cat
In honor of National Feral Cat Day (October 16th), The Humane Society of Tampa Bay sterilized 101 feral cats. The surgeries were performed at a cost of only $5 each.   The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is committed to helping the estimated 200,000 feral cats in the Tampa area.   Every month over 400 feral cats are sterilized at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay's low cost spay-neuter clinic in an effort to curb the feral cat population.   In addition to surgery, each cat also receives a rabies and FVRCP vaccination, as well as an ear-tip (the national sign for a feral cat).
Lisa Knight
Administrative Assistant
Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Imagine my surprise to find a BIG POSSUM in my trap on Day 3!   First possum I've ever seen in town.   Those little pink fingers were really working the edges of the solid door. :-)   The possum has been relocated to a nice rural area, close to water and food sources.   And I'm back in the skunk-trapping business again.
Thanks again for your help,
La Junta, Colorado

Thank you for all your help with the guidance you gave me to safely trap the little girl cat.   The trap arrived 2 hours before expected and I was able to catch her the same day.   We took her to our vet where she was well taken care of and spayed and did her recovery there.   She is 7 - 9 months and 6lbs.   We got her back home safe and sound.   We named her Ava.
Your daughter was also a huge help to me with all she did with taking the time to find out how quickly she could get the trap to us. Please thank her for me.
Be safe.

coyote.jpg coyote.jpg coyote.jpg
The trap was placed where coyotes travel.  The bait was roast turkey left whole with most of the meat off the bones.  This was left in the large baking pan and placed in the trap bait area for one week, with the trap open only at night.  After one week, I removed the large breast bone and placed it outside the trap entrance at about 7 PM. It was gone less than an hour later.  I then used other parts of the turkey to go from the trap entrance into the trap.  All of the meat and bones were gone when I discovered the coyote pup at 5:30 AM, and the pup is too small to have eaten all of it.  The mother coyote probably took the bones, one at a time from the pan, reaching over the trip lever.  The female pup in the picture probably sprung the trap when the mother was out.
I've modified the trap so this afternoon I can partition off the back part of the trap.  One half of the trip lever will be covered so the pup will not spring it, and the pup will have plenty of room to move around, and be used for bait for the mother coyote.  The rear portion of the trap will be covered so the mother coyote will only see her pup from the entrance.
Will Tracy

I got the trap and it's wonderful. I have been using a very cumbersome and heavy homemade trap for years for transporting kitties;I feel like i went from a Ford Pinto to a Rolls Royce!
Thanks, too, for your attentive customer service.
Best Wishes, Val

I recently purchased one of your traps and a cover and have been very successful in lowering the feral cat population in my neighborhood.  I have caught five cats, one opossum and one raccoon in roughly ten days I have owned your trap.  Since the raccoon and opossum weren't the intended targets they were set free very easily aided by the design of the cage doors.  I never felt any danger from the animals simply because of the user friendly design of the trap even though I am sure any of them could have and would have eaten me alive if they had gotten the opportunity.  The trap seems to handle all the animals very well without danger of them getting loose and the cover helps to keep them as stress free as a trapped animal could be.  Everything works so well I have recommended the trap to my relatives as it seem all neighborhoods have problems with feral cats.
Thank you for a good product that works as it was intended.
P.S. The birds at my feeders thank you too.
James Pointer

We got the traps, spay/neuter clinic was great success.  You are the best.  Our trap isloators, which I ordered from elsewhere because I did not know you carry them will be here Monday, two days late.  Next time I'll check with you,
Happy Customer
Fairhope, AL

Thank You Wanda for the prompt service.  The trap arrived on Monday and by Wednesday afternoon we had relocated five squirrels. The trap design is excellent!
I wish to thank you for rushing my order to me.  The trap is of excellent quality and works very well.  It is the best that I have ever used.
Thanks Again
Andrew J Fochetti Jr

We received the trap on Thursday April 19th and set the trap on Friday, yes caught a raccoon, Saturday and caught another raccoon...Sunday nothing and Monday this morning, we caught our cat...Teehee :)
This trap is very well construction and it is better then we expected.  Thank you so much Wanda and we will keep you posted.
Best Regards

I just had to let you know that the trap worked like a charm.  I am finally calming down.  I was so thrilled to see her (although very cautiously) enter the cage far enough to trip the door release.  We were having one of those cold rainy nights and I felt relieved to know she would be safe inside, albeit in a cage.  She was transferred to a larger holding cage and another lady will pick her up and keep her through the delivery and weeks after while she nurses the babies.  She will be fixed and released back into my neighborhood and if she still wants to come here for food, I will continue to do my best to take care of her.  Now, I have two more male cats that need to be "taken care of" and I will then turn over the trap to this organization.  They were asking me if the trap was a "Have a Heart" trap, but I am not familiar with that name.  I will pass along your "Tru Catch Trap" web site and they can take it from there.
Again, thank you for all your patience in answering my questions and sending me that wonderful trap.  I was so sure she would not have anything to do with the other silver trap I was using especially after seeing three of her little ones being trapped.
Dianne Anderson

I'm working with a local animal rescue to trap 3 cats in my yard & get them TNRed.  One seems to be an abandoned pet and we have a place ready for him at a no-kill shelter when we get him so I'm eager to get the trap. I've tried other traps but the Tru Catch traps seem to be the only ones that really work.
Valerie Sylvester

Just wanted you to know I did my trapping today and have 9 of 10 cats.  Most of them I caught with a set up I devised, but the other stragglers made it on their own into the traps.  I truly like your traps.  They are great to work with!  And, the covers you designed for the traps make such a difference in helping the cats to calm down.  I did video tape part of the process, and working with your traps helped make this easier.  I hope by the end of the weekend, the last of the 10 will come up and eat.  Thanks again for your words of encouragement and I do appreciate the quality of your traps.  The day I originally talked with you I had had little encouragement or anyone to provide any kind of guidance.  You became a part of my support team, and I appreciate it!
Anne Reel
Elkhart, Indiana

I am writing this letter to you at 6 in the morning, I couldn't wait to thank you for such a wonderful product.  A half hour earlier, I caught my kitten who has been at large for the past week.  After catching glimpses of him and trying to entice him out of the woods, I knew that I could never get close enough to grab him and a trap would be our only choice.  After unsuccessfully using another trap for the past three days, I borrowed the 30LD from a friend who had used the same one to get her cat back twice.
Success!  After placing a very large chunk of smelly tuna in the back, we set the trap on the highest sensitivity as he only weighs about 7 pounds being just a year old.  And on the second night, I got him.
Your traps are incredible and have given me back my sanity.  I will tell everyone I know and the merchants who sold me the other not-so-great trap about your products and the countless others who have written in to your website with praise.
I can't thank you enough,
Sarah Bullard
Maynard, MA

The covers have worked wonderfully.  We have been trapping the last 3 Sundays and we have caught our limit each Sunday for our Monday morning vet appointments.  I know the only reason we have had such success is because of the covers.   They blend in much better than towels which we used to use.
Thank you so much for all your help and the wonderful trap covers.
Beth Dayhoff
Frederick, MD

I had been using another brand of trap for catching feral cats for TNR.  Two of the traps developed problems, including bent door mechanisms, which allowed cats to enter and escape on several occasions.  It was very frustrating to see a cat go into the trap, only to have the door fail to close properly.  And worse was when the door closed but not securely enough to contain the frantic cat.
When I first saw a Tru-Catch trap, I was impressed with it's sturdiness.  The brown surface was also a plus, since it didn't reflect the sun and blended into the environment much better.  I ordered my first Tru-Catch and I was so pleased that I soon ordered 3 more (a total of 1 - 36D and 3 - 30D - all with back doors).  The door closes so quietly that the cats I've caught have continued eating until they saw me approach (carrying a large towel to cover the trap).
I can set the Tru-Catch traps with complete confidence that the cat will be safely enclosed.  There are no parts that can cause injury, and no way for the cat to get out until I'm ready to release it.  The larger trap is perfect for very large cats, and the divider allows me to place food in the back during recovery from neutering.
I have just ordered a recovery cage set, again as the result of a bad experience with another cage brand.  I was using a large dog wire dog crate, and a feral cat managed to squeeze out through the bars where the pan slides in.  Fortunately, she wasn't injured and I was able to re-trap her and hold her until she was ready for release.  But I am completely confident that the Tru-Catch recovery cage will prevent any more of these incidents.  I recommend Tru-Catch traps for everyone doing TNR.  It's absolutely superior to any other trap available anywhere.
Maureen Koplow

A quick note to let you know that the trap I bought from you worked beautifully!  I finally caught my cat last night, after 8 weeks missing, 3 other cats (now rescued!), and countless raccoons and opossums who have enjoyed the trap-eat-release "program", thanks to the easy-release door in the back of the trap.  Thanks for an excellent product!
Best wishes,
Cynthia Laitman
Madison, Wisconsin

I have to add to the list of people who think your traps are the best.  I had another brand of live trap, and when the sticky trip pan finally worked to trap a gray fox who wouldn't leave my cottage and my animals alone, I watched him muscle open the trap door and run off.  I got your Homesteader 42D and caught the same fox two nights later.  This is obviously a professional-grade trap that is going to give me a lot of service.  I love the brown powder coating, and having two doors makes it much easier to fasten the bait into the cage and cover the wire floor.
Livermore, CA

Praise for the 36D deluxe two door.  As a member of a cat rescue group, and the main trapper, I can honestly say that your trap design is ultimately the best I've ever seen in comparison to other brands.  The operation is flawless and silent,and a great asset in the trapping of feral cats, which are already frightened enough without the loud slamming sound that other traps produce. Another great feature is the brown hue, which really aides in capturing cats that are trap shy.   Last but not least, is the ease of opening to release an unwanted raccoon, skunk, or opossum by simply rolling the trap upside down.  All in all a fantastic trap!
Thank you Tru-Catch, you've made life a bit easier.
Rich in NJ

On November 6th, one of our cats, Oreo, managed to escape - and simply disappeared.  She was one of our favorites, and we were heartbroken.
We received a lot of "sightings", but none were our lost Oreo - - until about 2 weeks ago.  At that time, a neighbor about 1/2 mile away said that they compared the poster picture with a stray that had been around their property, and it looked exactly like our cat.
I immediately ordered a trap from you (I had a another brand type trap, but did not have much luck with cats using it.... My mother had recently borrowed one of your traps with good success....)
I set the trap at 2 PM on a Saturday, checked it at 3 PM, and again at 4 PM, at which time we had back our baby!!!! It was 14 weeks to the day.   She was thin, somewhat dirty, but otherwise unharmed. She had been lost through a nasty winter, with near zero temperatures, snow, freezing rain, and no shelter that we could ascertain.
This was close to a miracle, and your trap made it a success.   We can't thank you enough!!! The trap was set only one time, and was sprung only one time - - and that was a total success!!!!!!  Some things work so well that they should be more widely advertised.  Your trap is one of them.
Stu Goldberg
Wesley Hills, NY

Too many times suppliers hear plenty of dissatisfaction and little good news.  I, however, am totally pleased with the trap!  Thanks much because it works like a dream.  I am now known as "Trapper Bill".

Just recieved my 30D Trap... wanted to let you know the set-up was instant and the design is amazing.   It is obvious that much thought went into the design.   I am VERY pleased!!!! look forward to trapping feral cats and giving them homes.
Continued success!
Anthony Bertoni
Palm Springs, CA

On several occasions I have used Tru-Catch traps belonging to friends to trap feral cats so they can be spayed/neutered and returned to their colonies where they are fed by other volunteers in the Seattle area.  I know they are the very best traps available for this purpose.  Thank you for making these excellent traps!!!
Best regards,
Ruth Schaefer

What a delight for a city boy!  Ordered a 36D Classic Deluxe and cover.  Received it last night.  I have ground hog's digging under my garage and Raccoons running one my roof, small city lot but lots of varmints.  Got home at 9:30 PM opened the box took it out by the garage, baited with old mango pieces and by 7:00 had a large raccoon.  Cleaned and reset and 2 hours later a ground hog of 5-7 pounds.  Just reset it and know I will find something in the morning!  2 sets & 2 varmints in 18 hours and not a mark on the trap!  WOW!
Thanks for a good product!
Bela W. Lindenfeld

I want to tell you that I absolutely love the tru-catch trap I ordered. (36D) It is far superior to the other brands on the market.   It is easier to set and use, it has no sharp parts that might injure the animal, the trap mechanism is very effective and the variable trigger setting is also useful.  Even the color is nice as it blends in more readily to the environment.   I can't say enough good things about the trap.  We caught our little stray kitty on the first try. We had tried for 3 weeks to get her to warm up to us enough to catch her, take her to our vet, and then bring her home with us.  She was too timid, though.  The tru-catch trap worked first try and to no harm to the kitty.  The sound of the door closing is quieter than the other traps on the market.
Thank you
Kathy Erickson
Pomfret Center, CT

Just wanted to pass this along to you; our vet was very impressed when we took one of our feral cats into his office.  He liked the ease with which the trap works.  So did his assistant and so do we.  Great product, we're glad we purchased from you.
Wayne Snesrud

We just want you to know how much we love your 36 Classic Deluxe! We have two feral cats that have moved into our backyard.  We decided the humane thing to do was to trap, spay, release and feed.  I researched all the traps I could find on the Internet and yours sounded like the best.   The next morning after our trap arrived I set it and in less than 5 minutes I had the first cat.  She was spayed that day (was in early stages of pregnancy!) and released the next morning.   She has recovered beautifully and we spend time playing catch with a toy mouse each night.  I repeated the same thing with the second feral and the trap is so efficient.  She is very thin and I was concerned her weight would not be enough to spring the trap but it worked perfectly!  Thank you for such a great product!  The design is safe, efficient and accurate each time!  I hope to continue to use it to reduce the number of feral cats in our neighborhood.
San Antonio

I rec'd my 42 Homesteader live trap on Saturday, Aug 30, (it only took approx 3 days to arrive)...I was working 12 hr night shifts at the hospital all the holiday weekend, so didn't have a chance to set the trap (baited with raw chicken and sardines), until last night (Monday, Sept 1)....After only 2 hours, we caught the little crippled wild dog that has eluded us for weeks.  Although I would have prefered the two door trap, I'm so glad we didn't wait, as time was of the essence.  She was very high risk of being run over on the highway or shot by a landowner.
Just wanted you to know how impressed I am with your product...the color, the trap door, the softer sound, it's all great and superior by far of any other trap I have seen.  The dog was not traumatized and was safe, sound, and resting quietly when we checked the trap and found her.
The dog is safe now, still plenty afraid, but safe.  I am recommending this dog trap (and all of your traps), to all of the rescuers that I network with nationwide....Everyone locally already knows about the trap and they are all very impressed.
Just wanted to say thanks, all is well, and if I never have to use it again, it's still well worth it.  We couldn't have done it without you!
(My husband DID tell me if I caught a skunk, I was on my own....What a sport, eh? LOL)
Warmest regards,
Carolyn Jordan
Weston, MO

Thank you.
I have to tell you that we love your company's product. We have two of your traps that we use here in the country. Just last week we caught eight raccoons who were eating all of our peaches and cat food. They also killed our cat - Tiger Baby. The traps were also helpful in rescuing a visiting Mama Cat that had her kittens in the attic of our barn and we were able to catch them and relocate them to a safer environment. I also ordered one for my Mom who lives in the country and she uses it to catch varmints that like to feast on her fruit trees. I ordered one for my Aunt that lives in the city. She has a horrible problem with squirrels. Actually my Mom and Aunt each purchased a different brand of trap and found them difficult to use and not fool-proof. They returned those traps and I purchased for them your Tru-Catch Traps and they are really happy with your product..and I'm the hero for suggesting your product.
This new order is for my Son who lives in the country and is having problems with wild dogs and coyotes trying to get to his chickens.
Thanks again for producing a quality product.
Jane Turlak

You've got one excellent product. I refer to the Model 36 Classic Deluxe. In about six weeks I've caught about 15 feral cats - some were ready to drop a litter.
Thank you kindly.
Jack H.

trapped cat.gif trapped coon.gif trapped possom.gif
Pictures by James Spitzkeit from Jackson, Mississippi.
A very happy trapper.

The trap (24 Tuffy) worked perfectly. I had 5 squirrels in the attic that are now enjoying their new residence miles away from here!....thanks....Hal Halvorsen

Thank you for selling this wonderful product (48F). After 3 months of trying to catch a stray dog, I succeeded this weekend using this trap.   Poor little dog needs a lot of medical treatment, but at least she's out of the traffic and out of the weather and maybe she can get a better chance at a happier life than the one she was dealt with.
Annette Mueller
Austin, TX

This morning we used one of your traps to catch a lovely little stray that had been running loose near a busy street since early July.   The people who called me about her had been feeding her and had been frantically calling around to see if someone would help them catch her (she was very frightened).  I was the only one with one of your traps.  They had been trying to catch her for almost five months, and your trap caught her in less than 12 hours.
I am so glad that your trap caught her.   With the cold weather coming, plus the fact that she was seen mating with another dog a few days ago, she would not have lasted much longer.   She looks so relieved and happy to be safe and sleeps like she is completely exhausted.
Susan Shott
Streetsmart Dog Training
Harvard, IL

Bought one of your 36 classics 12 yrs. ago and have caught 100's of small animals.  2 yrs ago I became the animal control officer for my small town and was supplied 10 live traps and yours stands up to the abuse and is still my favorite trap to use. Thank you for the quality you put in your product.
James Cain
Albia Iowa

We used our 8 new Tru Catch traps this weekend at the feral cat spay day and they did wonderfully!
Thanks for such a wonderful and reliable cat trap!
Thanks so much!

Our organization's main goal is to spay/neuter as many feral cats we can.  We only use Tru-Catch traps and have been able to trap over 150 cats.
The product is sturdy, light weight and works wonderful.   The product is priced well for what you get.   Cheaper traps have hurt the cats, or scared them away by accidentally going off.
I highly recommend this product.   Oh did I mention, they have a wonderful and helpful customer service department.
Gina Stefanides

I would like to thank you for providing such a wonderful trap for such a reasonable price.  The area in which I live has a tremendous squirrel population, but with your help I have been able to put a "dent" in it.
I purchased a Model 24 Tuffy approximately 1 year ago and to date I have caught 73 "tree rats" one cat and one opossum.   The cat and opossum were flukes so I released them immediately.   The squirrels, however, have a better home miles away. (I keep a running tally of the squirrels with a felt tip pen on the trap)
I don't always have the trap set but when I do I usually catch at least one sometimes two or three a day.   I think if I could check the trap more often I would catch many more.  Many times I have watched the squirrels as they enter the trap and have never seen them escape without being caught.
I usually bait the trap with cracked old pecans, sometimes with sunflower seeds.   They can't seem to resist either. Another thing I do periodically when setting the trap, since I've always left the trap outdoors, is lubricate the trigger mechanism with peanut butter to provide a more sensitive release.  By the way, the trap has held up to the south Louisiana climate very well.
Again, I would like to thank you for helping me provide better homes for so many of our fine furry friends.
David Stewart
Lake Charles, Louisiana

Just had to let you know that your traps are the greatest!  I already own a 30D and have used it successfully to trap a small family of feral cats living too close to a heavily trafficked area--the 36D I have on order will be used to get their more devious big brother.  On my first attempt to catch them, another standard commercial trap (with metal sides that snap inward upon triggering) was used with horrible results: In his frantic efforts to escape, the 8-month old kitten of the group managed to slice muscles above his eye on a concealed piece of metal.  Luckily, the surgery to repair the damage was successful and today, Squirt, (I just had to keep him after that!) is fully recovered and adapting nicely to his new home.  Needless to say, I felt horrible...and incredibly stupid that I did not more carefully examine the device I was using.  I naively believed that because its manufacturer referred to it as a "humane" trap, it had to be so.  The difference between it and your trap is so dramatic that just putting the two side by side automatically reinforces your product's superiority.
Thank you again for a wonderful product!!
Patricia Gangloff
Torrington, CT

Our Tru-Catch (30LT) arrived on Friday.   I can see why these traps are the #1 on the market! We love the trigger mechanism because it is very easy to trip!  Please never stop manufacturing these traps!   They certainly are higher quality than the other "humane" brands.  They are EXCELLENT!!!
Betty & Family
Dana Point, CA

I am extremely pleased with the trap I received.   We had adopted a "wild cat" a few years ago and he is a great pet.   Despite neutering, he still runs off if he accidentally gets out.   He dissappeared a few weeks ago and we were unable to catch him.   The trap arrived Wednesday night via Fed-Ex and by Thursday AM he was in the trap!  I had previously borrowed a friends trap and the cat would go into the trap and get the food and leave!  What a great product the Tru-catch trap is.
Donna Esdale

Again I caught a squirrel with your wonderful trap (24 Tuffy).  Just wanted to send you a quick note saying how happy I am with it.  This squirrel was the most aggravating creature around.  He or she was trying to find a vulnerable spot on the outside wall of my house to eat through it and get into the attic.
I set the trap with sunflower seeds, hay, and mixed unshelled nuts and put it inside a box with one side cut out and on top of some stuff stacked on my front porch.  Within four days that squirrel went right inside, was caught and was out of my life for good.
You have a great product, much better than the other traps on the market.   And I'm really happy with it. It's a great relief to have a solution to squirrel problems.  Right now all is quiet and it's just heaven not to have any more gnawing at every spot imaginable around the walls of my house.
Love that trap!
Thanks again,

I received my 30LTD trap about a month ago.  I have been very pleased with it.   So far I have trapped about 7 stray cats that otherwise would be mating and creating more unwanted kittens.  I am very pleased with this trap.  It is safe and very humane.  I also like the color as it is well camouflaged in the flower beds.  The animals calm down when I throw a towel over them after they enter.   They are unharmed and safely transported to the animal shelter.  Thank you for your assistance in my purchase.  It is well worth the money!
Laura in Houston, Texas

Last year I ordered two Tru-Catch Tuffy Traps, I had about twelve ground squirrels living in my back yard. I received the traps in a timely matter and immediately set them up.
I used Graham Crackers as a base, then I applied crunchy peanut butter to the crackers. I had also purchased rubber gloves to wear while setting up the trap and during the baiting process. I also purchased apple cider to spray on the trap and the area immediately surrounding the traps, to eliminate whatever amount of human scent might be lingering around. Needless to say, I caught all twelve squirrels and they were relocated. ( I will not kill an animal unless I'm going to eat it or it presets a danger to my family).
This year I'm again being over-run with ground squirrels. Using the above mention techniques I've trapped 33 squirrels. Twice I've caught six squirrels in a ten hour period, a couple of days two at once for a total eight squirrels. One day with three and the rest at two. I still have the traps set out because I still have squirrels in my back yard, I've also ordered two more traps.
I'm very please with the traps I feel that they have been very helpful in controlling these pests, and I've passed on my success to my neighbor and he has also purchased the traps from Tru-Catch. I highly recommend these traps to anyone who needs traps. By the way, I only started trapping nine days ago.
Thank you very much Tru-Catch,
Red, Becky Wilson
Lake Elsinore, Ca.

I received my 36D yesterday morning and 24 hours later I had caught 6 feral cats at my property.  This device is totally amazing.  It is extremely functional and humane.  This purchase has exceeded my expectations so far.  Thanks for the good service.
Julio Tomeu
Miami Beach, FL

I run a spay/neuter program in Bimini, Bahamas.  We have to ship everything to the island and use a temporary clinic as our base.  Your folding traps were the perfect trap for us.  I have to completely break down and set up our clinics each time.  With the old traps, they had to be stored outdoors, exposed to rain, salt and sun.  Now, I just break the traps down and can store them inside, no more rusty, stiff traps!  I was concerned about the strength of the traps, since all our dogs are feral and not very happy to be in a trap.   My fears we unfounded, the traps worked great, no escapes or bent bars!  I have recommended your company to a group in Mexico that is just starting a program like ours.  Again, it will be the perfect solution!  Please, NEVER stop making the folding trap! It is easy to set up and break down and I can store 5 traps in the space of one conventional trap!  Organizing these clinics is hard enough, so anything that makes our job easier is worth every dime!!  Thank You!!
Consie von Gontard
"Just Another Spay in Paradise"
The Bimini Love Program, All Paws Rescue

We received or 30LT trap on the 15th or 16th.  It worked GREAT!   After the third night of having the trap set, we finally caught the little devil of a cat (a stray) that was spraying our back yard with his terrible smelling spray.  He was not neutered and continuously marked our patio as his own territory.  After almost a year of having to clean up after this cat, and fixing the damaged areas on our patio, we can finally clean and repair for the last time!  The trap allowed us to safely transport him to the vet and get him FIXED!  Thanks again for the great product!
Tod Thomen
Santa Ana, CA

I just wanted to let you know, the trap works beautifully.  We could see the advantage of the trigger mechanism.   The trip plate is reversed from the other trap we have used in the past and the trigger is easier to trip.   We set it out last night to capture a pregnant feral cat in a colony we care for and when we checked it this morning, our little calico mama was there.   She was a little scared but there was plenty of room to move around if necessary.
Again, you have a well designed trap, and thank you for getting it to us quickly.  I will spread your name around and will brag on you for quite a while.
Thanks again.
Walter and Donna Rogers
Valrico, FL

I purchased one of your traps. It was a model R-24.  I found this trap very easy to use and very efficient.  We have been using it on 6 different properties.  I bought the trap because we had a skunk "stinking up" the area next to our bedroom.  I had figured I would catch one or two skunks and that would be the end of the problem.  Boy, was I fooled.  In the 9 months we have had the trap at this location we have trapped 23 opossums and 32 skunks.  Note: All the opossums and skunks were relocated in a designated open space area.
I think you make a great product!
Bob Gunthorp
Chula Vista, CA

I was blessed with a neighbor who wouldn't stop his dog from roaming, despite my repeated requests to him.  Every single day I would find parasite-laden excrement in my yard or meet up with this sadly neglected animal who would bare his teeth at me and my dogs.  Despite numerous phone calls, the local animal control officer did nothing to end this situation, and after my dogs contracted kennel cough (presumably from his dog) I bought a Tru-Catch (42 Homesteader Deluxe).   It was easy to both set up and store, and after three trappings and three summonses, the neighbor finally "got the message".  Now he keeps his dog indoors, the yard is clean, and the problem stopped-- without any animals being injured.  As someone who is applying to vet school next year, I can honestly say that this product is completely safe, humane, and effective.
M. Nelson

Last August I ordered the Tru-Catch Trap: 36D Classic Deluxe.   We were being visited by unwanted raccoons who would venture onto our back yard deck and eat our birdseed from our four different feeders.  Since we feed the birds sunflower seeds and these raccoons guzzled these seeds down like vacuum cleaners on a living room rug, I decided to try and "trap" these guys and transport them miles and miles away.
I searched on "traps" on the web and came across your website.  I read the write-up on several types of traps you offer.  I compared these traps to others offered by other dealers on the web.  I decided to order from you.
Since the raccoons loved the sunflower seeds, I decided to "bait" them with seed.   I set the trap on the deck and proceeded to go to sleep on the family room couch (which overlooks the deck).  I was awakened at 1:00 A.M. by a "rattling" noise.  I turned on the outside light to see a 25 pound raccoon caught inside the trap.  I put on leather gloves, my coat and put "Racky" and cage in the backseat of my car.  Drove many, many miles away and released him by a river bank way out in the country.
I reset the trap the next night, went to sleep and was promptly awakened around midnight by the same "rattling" noise.  I turned on the outside light on the deck and saw a 35 pound raccoon caught.  He really filled up the height and width of that cage!  All around the cage were five other raccoons trying to get at the sunflower seed inside the trap.  One raccoon even jumped up on the top of the cage but the fellow trapped inside chased him off.  The other raccoons didn't even seem to care that their friend was trapped.   They just wanted the food inside!!
I carted him off and reset the trap the following night.   Around 11:30 PM. I was awakened by a lot of high-pitched "jabbering" going on out on the deck!  I was tired by the end of this week but I was very pleased with the results of your trap.  I've been meaning to tell you the happy outcome for a long time now.  I came across the receipt for this trap just yesterday and I set it aside to remind me to write to you and thank you for a wonderful trap that was so easy to use.  I love the "Deluxe" version of the trap simply because I can stand at one end of it, roll it over onto it's top, and the trap door automatically opens on the other side of the trap.   "Racky" sees he's free and scuffles off safely into the underbrush.
That trap now sits quietly down my basement awaiting any other raccoons who decide to visit my house this coming summer.  On your invoice you wrote me: "Thanks! And good luck!".   I just had to write you to say:   "Thanks for the wonderful trap that did such a wonderful job at catching and transporting my 'Rackies' to a new home"!
Danny Schmanny
Concord Township, Ohio